About Battleboats!

Battleboats is free browser-based video game with a developing story. The game combines simple wooden boats and simple cannons to form a lethal and mostly defenseless boat. Later, more complex boats and ships will be added for a more fun experience.

About the development of Battleboats!

Battleboats started development in 2019. The unreleased versions of Battleboats did not include 3D graphics. The main story was very similar but had not been developed much. Later, Rohit Gayali, the only developer, decided to increase the game's development and switch to 3D graphics.

Rohit Gayali was bored during the Coronavirus lockdown in America and he decided to learn WebGL. He had already been interested in coding websites with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and he wanted to learn how to make 3D graphics. After some Youtube tutorials, he implemented 3D graphics.

About the developer

Rohit Gayali is the only developer of Battleboats. He designed the 3D models, created textures, wrote all of the code, and hosts the server. He believes video games should be easily available, so he decided to make Battleboats available on any modern browser.

Rohit Gayali is currently a student at the Math and Science High School at Clover Hill. His favorite subject is math, which might explain his love for coding and computers in general. He is fourteen years old and he has big dreams for this game and his future. His favorite singer is The Weeknd and he loves playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. He is learning many programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and Arduino.